DirectionThe difference between Coaching and Counselling can be summarised as follows:-

Counselling focuses on the past and present, whereas Coaching focuses on the present and future.

Coaching can help you improve your quality of life through planned achievable goals. Coaching is a facilitative approach intended to help a person achieve personal life goals by setting clear outcomes. There is a high level of commitment required by the individual and there is an assumption that the person seeking coaching is ‘fully functioning’. This means that you should have no underlying or long term problems that could be affecting you emotionally.

By engaging in Personal Development Coaching you will feel more focussed and motivated on what you want to achieve in life. You will be facilitated in putting your plans into action in a trusting environment and by taking charge of your life the sky will be your limit!

Fee and Terms:

An initial appointment can last up to 100 minutes and the time will be used to determine whether Personal Development Coaching is for you.

Sessions will last for 60 minutes and for approximately 6-10 consecutive weeks.

Current fee per session = £40.00

Full fee charged if cancelling within 24 hrs without notice. Please try and give 48 hours notice if you have to cancel an appointment.